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Reflection paper.

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Reflection Paper
The paper demonstrates the aspects of occupational therapy (OT) evaluation by focusing on my observations and experiences in a Beta Care nursing home. I observed an evaluation process whereby the therapist assessed the long-term needs of the client who had been recovering from surgery. The therapist would ask questions that sought to identify any factors concerning the client and his home setting that could hinder him from performing his routine activities such as bathing and walking. Following the evaluation, the therapist offered treatment options by recommending interventions such as specialized care routines, and chiropractic adjustments.
Engaging the patient in a conversation involved using different approaches. First observation involved the situation whereby the therapist had to describe in details, the steps of managing a complex care need to both the clients and their families. Eventually, the client would offer an informed consent and to the therapist who considered the impact of having a third party in the process of evaluation before proceeding to assess the client. Also, I observed that the therapist used strategies that recruited client cooperation. Here, the therapist established a relationship with the client, built trust, who eventually agreed to engage in the evaluation. The approaches used may have slightly differed from my methods of patient interaction by being formal and their use …

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