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Reflection Essay

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The current system of education is wired to promote crass memorization of everything in all its entirety. Memorization is found everywhere in the system ranging from the school surrounding to the inside of the classrooms where teaching takes place. We memorize for exams. It does not matter where one goes to school, be in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia or anywhere, within the globe, everything is about what memory one has from the experiences he/she had in his/her college years. The memory can be negative or positive, memorable or forgettable.

All the same, it is what captures the mind, stored in the brain, or any piece of device that supports memorization that counts. We tend to talk about trivial things such as little pictures; we took with our friends at some birthday party, as what we can remember or put in our memory bank during our college days. These are always two, three, four, or even five minutes’ activities that capture our imagination and tend to take precedent over other more important, though less memorable activities in school. Against the backdrop of memorization in school, and after spending time in this class, I will thus endeavor to discuss things I will remember after five years.

The first person I will remember without even battling an eyelid is the course tutor who is one of a kind. He ranks high in the list of things and people I will remember five years after leaving college because apart from being kind, he is the most c…

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