Recommendation after Data Analysis

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Recommendation after Data Analysis

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Recommendation After Data Analysis
The grocery delivery service recommended after analyzing the provided data is a commercial enterprise partnering with UWG to create a service delivery app. The product will be made available to both on and off campus students, within at least five miles from the campus. For students to have the groceries delivered on their doorstep, they must pay a fee of 8 dollars for every delivery because they might need the product to be produced at least three times a month. This cost is realistic because it is cost effective for the students and it is profitable for the enterprise. Such an enterprise is highly convenient because most students would use it considering that most of them do not often eat in the school’s dining hall. Also, the service delivery app will thrive because students are already satisfied with UWG’s service delivery. Therefore, they will be willing to pay for the new amplifying services resulting from the partnership. Besides, UWG dining offers limited vegan or special diet foods, and this will enhance the success of the enterprise, which will provide a variety of diet.
Additionally, a grocery store will be highly convenient because it will allow for service delivery at the comfort of the students’ home. Most students including me feel that it is easier to look for items on an online setting as opposed to going down to the store because it is time-consuming and tiresom…

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