Reason why pursuing a degree in counseling

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Reason why pursuing a degree in counseling

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Reason why pursuing a degree in counseling
Jimmy Dean an American singer, actor, and a flamboyant business person, once quoted that one cannot alter the wind’s direction by to reach their target point the adjustment of their sails is vital. A Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, suggested that people are what they do and not what they say they will do. I have served at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where I served in the department of mental health that handled children and families with HIV for ten years as an administrative assistant. Working as an administrative assistant sometimes due to a shortage of workforce, I would help the nurses in handling patients. The interaction with patients has accelerated the need for me to become a mental health counselor. Administrative assistance duty is to provide administrative support to diverse workforce within an organization as shown in (Reese 313). Which mean I was doing more than I was required although, I never complained. For instance people with HIV present with more than one mental health issue and sometimes it requires more than professional knowledge to restore hope to such people and promote resilience in their lives. My passion is to help them made me a good listener, and naturally I get the right words to calm them down. One nurse told me that I have a talent for listening, understanding and giving the right information to the right person and time. She said the words after I ca…

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