Readmission to Nursing School

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Readmission to Nursing School

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September 7, 2018
[Recipient name]
Dear sir/madam
Re: Request for Readmission to Nursing School
In the Spring of 2018, I dropped one class in nursing school to enable me to focus on my other classes at the University. I was taking five of them at the time, and this proved overwhelming because I was taking too many hours as a full-time student. Since I did not want to compromise my grades, this forced me to withdraw from one class in nursing school in an attempt to promote optimal performance in the remaining classes. I planned to retake the class once I had cleared the rest and hence give it maximum attention. I am now in a position to comfortably take the class. Therefore, in compliance with your requirements, I would like to reapply for readmission to the nursing school, to enable me to complete the course.
I recognize the importance of continuous commitment to the course and the need to demonstrate excellence in performance. It is for this reason that I have come up with specific strategies to promote future success. I intend to complete this class, having cleared any obstacles that may limit such an achievement. I intend to perform exceptionally through dedicated efforts, not only in comprehending class teachings but also through extensive reading and research beyond the classroom. I will work with my tutors to ensure that I gain maximum knowledge on the concepts taught, regularly consulting on hard-to-grasp areas. Given that I…

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