reader response on book “The Magic of reality” Richard dawkins

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reader response on book “The Magic of reality” Richard dawkins

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Reader Response: “The Magic of Reality” by Richard Dawkins
Since I was a child, rainbows held a great deal of attraction to me. Since I was able to read I wondered how rainbows worked, and I heard all kinds of stories about the leprechauns at the end of the rainbow and although it was not one of my finest moments, I did try to get to the end of the rainbow. Consequently, that is why this chapter called me so firmly. However, I consider Dawkins gets too much into the myth instead of showing the science behind it, and when he finally does it, his explanation falls short. For instance, using words such as “chunk of glass” (Dawkins 148), when explaining what the prism is, fall extremely short of his discursive capabilities.
Likewise, in chapter eight, it is interesting how the author links the symbol of the egg with the beginning of the world, along with the notion of the world as something that came from something else. Hence, contrasting those mythological stories with the two scientific models proposed by science seeks to complement the visions of the world instead of shrinking them. This, along with the invention of the spectroscope and use of the colors of the specter to show us the galaxies serves to illustrate the big bang using galaxies that are impossible to reach, showing us how science, despite its limitations can give us answers that might not be far from the myths of the fist humans.
Moreover, it is not far-fe…

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