Aboriginal Law

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Aboriginal Law

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Aboriginal Law
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Canada is a country that comprises of a diverse combination of people, there the immigrants who are the majority made up of the whites and then the aboriginals who were there before the whites came in. This group of aboriginals is made of a few who were initial inhabitants of the land. Currently, the law treats everyone equal, and there were the thoughts of a few scholars who wanted the aboriginal law implemented. This law would see treating the immigrants differently before the law.
These people had in mind the inside needs of the group who were initially there that they should have the upper hand before the immigrants their rights have to be more powerful than those of the immigrants. Therefore, they should be treated differently before the law. This will ensure that the specific value of the aboriginals is kept and maintained. A different group is against this statement that there will be discrimination of the said group.
Aboriginal Law
Aboriginal people of Canada are the native people who were not the immigrants to Canada. Even though currently Canada is full of the white there is a group of people whose origin is Canada. Aboriginal law, therefore, is the law that encompasses or protects and ensure that the indigenous people are treated differently from the immigrants. The idea behind their protection is due to the fact they are natives of Canada, but they have hence been forced to …

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