Rational choice theory

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Rational choice theory

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Rational Choice Theory and the Godfather
According to the rational choice theory, people consider the risks of detection and punishments before committing crimes. They also look at the rewards of successfully completing the crimes. For instance, a bank teller in financial difficulty may decide to siphon off money from the bank increase his earnings or a young man who decides to deal in cocaine to make money because the social opportunities within his area of residence are minimal. Rational choice theory can explain the rise of the Mafia. Organized crime becomes a rational choice for individuals from low-income areas with financial difficulties (Gottschalk, 50). A police force that is corrupt also provides a conducive environment for the vice. This paper critically examines how the film ‘The Godfather’ relates to the rational choice theory; paying close attention to Don Vito Corleone, the Mafia boss.
As stated earlier, people engage in criminal activity after considering the risks of detection and punishment for their crimes. In the Godfather, young Vito escapes from Sicily to America after Don Ciccio, the local Mafia boss kills both his parents and wants to kill him too. While in New York City, young Vito Corleone loses his job at a grocery store. Faced with a difficult financial situation, he joins Clemenza and Tessio, and the three form a gang to steal furniture and clothing and sell them to earn money.
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