Rape on college campuses

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Rape on college campuses

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Mary Johnson
987 Widget Street
Miami Florida 33111
11 April 2018
The Editor
New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue,
New York, NY 10018
Dear Sir/Madam
Re: Rape on College Campuses
Rape incidents on college campuses have increased dramatically for the last few decades. However, little has been done regarding the growing epidemic. Most of the victims are females who have suffered both physical and psychological torture following rape incidents. This has also seen most of them dropping out of school or even registering low academic performance due to the depressive state that they have been subjected to. The general population worsens the situation as they shift the blame to the girls rather than the perpetrators. Most people claim that women involved in rape cases are responsible for the assault since they dress provocatively, which arouses the perpetrators sexually (Phillips 31). Others believe that rape offenders should not be blamed when alcohol is involved since it alters their judgment. People who believe in these myths have contributed to the rise of rape cases since they tend to side with the offenders.
It is important that rape acceptance myths are abolished in an attempt to reduce rape incidence. More so, students in college campuses should be educated to improve their ability to recognize situations that may be risky. Since incoming students are at a greater risk of being raped than continuing students, sexual assault education should be emphasized to reduce t…

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