Raging Bull one scene analysis

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Raging Bull one scene analysis

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Movie Analysis: “Raging Bull” by Martin Scorsese. Raging Bull is the autobiographical film based on the middleweight boxing champion Jake La Mota. The film was directed by the renowned director Martin Scorsese in 1981. The film, set in the 1940s, features Robert De Niro as Jake La Mota, a tough, moody, tense, aggressive, and suspicious character who vibrates like a plucked guitar string. Throughout the movie, the spectator can see the way character(s) are getting older. Jake La Mota, as represented in the film is a shady character. On the ring he seems graceful and out of the ring he seems aggressive and unsatisfied. Consequently, despite his fearless and destructive appearance, in his inner self, he is scared. He is afraid of being left alone. La Mata lives in fear and fear guides him through his life. Therefore, it is this fear what makes him feel jealousy toward his brother and his wife, Salvy.
Therefore, it is this fear what separates him from the rest. As spectators, we watch La Mota’s transition from one person to another. Thus, the movie also tries to convey these transformations, passing from the successful boxer to a spent, old cigar smoking man who has also gained weight. For that reason, Raging Bull seems to have that desire of showing the man and its changes, not just a static picture of La Mota’s glory years. From that point, we can see that he lead himself through the scene from where the movie started, using that view to building up the character and re…

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