DiscussionProtective Factors for Dementia

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DiscussionProtective Factors for Dementia

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Memory is not tangible but is a collection of different information then stored in one place, and is stored in the hippocampus to be retrieved later. There are two types of memories: short-term memory whereby information is stored for seconds to about a minute, for example, remembering a person’s contact number. And long-term memory, where information is stored for a long period of time and can be retrieved anytime but do not rely on any form of activity (Warrington et al. 2017). Alzheimer is a condition that affects the memory, both short-term and long-term causing memory loss, while memory consolidation is the method where short-term memories are converted into long-term memories where information is stored for a long time and can be retrieved.
Consolidating takes place when, synapses-connection on cells that enable the exchange of information, will require formation of new RNA together with proteins within the hippocampus while preventing protein formation, however, will stop new-long term memories from being formed within the hippocampal neurons, leading to impaired consolidation of immediate memories (Bocchio et al. 2017). When a short-term memory is created, the hippocampus assembles the spread information into one memory. After a long period of time, both cellular and molecular alterations lead to strengthening the connection within the neocortical region, making it possible to access the memory of a specific event in the hippo…

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