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Usually, culture affects the works of various artists by shaping their worldview and the associations they have with places, people, symbols, patterns, shapes, and colors. With each culture having a unique system of understanding and history, it seeks to influence artistic works by repackaging the intended art message in a way that would reflect a particular culture’s language of symbolism. Notably, culture has had significant impacts on the Impressionist’s works of art. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss one of the Impressionist work of art influenced by culture on its creation, the Claude Monet’s Impression, Sunrise.
The painting portrays a calm, misty maritime scene with rising early morning sun. Though indistinct, boats and ships are noticeable in the foggy harbor. On the water surface, reflections on the rays of the sun and shadows of figures and boats are evident. On the painting’s right side, there are heavy machinery and cranes. Also visible are the Masts of ships and chimneys’ emission of gases into the air.
A significant cultural event that immensely affected Claude Monet’s artwork was the Franco-Prussian War. The war took place between 1870 and 1871, and it involved the second French Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia (Yurasits, n.d.). Ultimately, the French lost the war. To the French government, morale, and the society, the results of the war were devastating. Consequently, individuals united …

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