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Questions are in the paper instructions, it is 5 questions

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Biodiversity hotspot
Biodiversity hotspot
A biodiversity hotspot is an area with intact natural ecosystem and hosts native species historically associated with the ecosystem. It also means an area highly populated with local species that are cannot be found or are rarely found in other sectors outside the hotspot and are threatened with extinction. The natural value of hotspots is very high therefore any actions taken at the moment to maintain this value may provide a high return on conservation dollar in the efforts to conserve biodiversity. For an area to qualify to be identified as a hotspot, it must meet two critical criteria. First it has to have more than 0.5 percent of the world vascular plant unique species (1500 species), and it must have lost more that 70 percent of the original habitats. The three factors that determine a hotspot are; the area must have many types of species, the species must be unique, and they are at the risk of extinction (Lee,2015).The establishment of an area as a biodiversity hotspot helps create a public awareness about the cost benefits of taking timely actions to conserve the biodiversity that helps reduce the loss of their value. The species in hotspots faced with extinction are irreplaceable, therefore; there a total loss in value due to the uniqueness and hence a need to conserve them.
Sustainable development
It is defined as events that fulfill the curr…

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