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Question in instruction

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Case Study of a Woman who gave Birth to a Stillborn.
A woman who was experiencing abdominal pain at 39 C temperature gave birth to a dead baby. A study showed that the blood culture of the young one had gram-positive rods. Also, the investigation noted that the woman had a culture of eating unheated hot dogs while she was pregnant. Therefore, the following is an analysis of what made the woman give birth to a stillborn baby.
The woman used to take unheated hot dogs during her pregnancy. Eating uncooked or unheated food would lead to listeriosis. The uncooked meal comprises a bacteria known as Listeria monocytogenes (Farber & Peterkin 476). These bacteria do not depend on the existence of oxygen for its survival. This infection has high risks on the lives of individual hosts since it would destroy the cells of the host. The body cells are likely to die eight hours after infection.
The bacteria belong to the family of the gram-positive bacterium. The bacteria can survive in temperatures as low as 0 °C. This nature ensures the ability of the bacteria to be able to avoid control of the human foods. The recurrent existence of this pathogen in the host would cause meningitis in the new-borns (Farber & Peterkin 476). Therefore, the pregnant women should not take uncooked or unheated food. Since the cold and raw food permits the growth of the Listeria monocytogenes, which would cause meningitis in the new-borns. The pathogen infec…

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