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Publix Supermarkets

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Publix Supermarkets

Publix Supermarkets
At the age of 22, the founder of the Publix supermarket, George Jenkins was the manager of a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Florida. Though this was quite an achievement at such a tender age, George was had a greater idea in mind. Jenkins quit his job and opened Publix Food Store in 1930 in Winter Haven. The name Publix was adopted from a struggling movie theater that was based in New York, that is, the Publix Theaters Corporation (Marshall, 2016). At the time, most theaters were closing up, and Jenkins liked the name.
In November 1940, Jenkins decided to close two smaller stores and opened the first Publix Supermarket. In the 1920s and early 1930s, Publix operated in decorated movie houses. Like the theaters, the supermarket was very luxurious; it had sparkling clean terrazzo floors, food laid out in refrigerated cases, electric doors and was air-conditioned. The retail shop set a new bar for American food stores. Currently, the company has over 1,100 retail outlets in six southern states and is rated as one of the top grocery stores chains. The high rank is based on Publix big clean stores and courteous employees.
In regards to the business model, Publix is an employees owned company; this means that the average staff member is given an opportunity to improve the corporation’s bottom line. If the firm does well, then the workers do well; this is made possible through the provision of regular dividends. P…

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