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Publix EFAS Table

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External Factor Analysis (EFAS) Table
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments
Opportunities 0.00-0.1 5.0-1.0 Health food 0.12 3 0.36
Obesity and overweight are currently a national health concern, given their association with cardiovascular diseases, which are ranked as among the world’s leading cause of death. Approximately, 39% of adults over the age of 18 years are overweight, or obese (World Health Organization, 2017, P. 1). Obesity and overweight are largely associated with diet. In response to the issue, many people have resorted to healthy eating habits, which largely depend on organic foods, particularly vegetables. Given the market reputation of the company on the same, Publix
Online Shopping and Delivery 0.09 2.5 0.225 Most of the rival competitor of the firm uses online shopping and delivery as their main strategy for competition. Publix sales system mainly relies on physical sales, yet in a changing world that almost entirely rely on technology. Lee (2009 P.1) argues that electronic commerce is one of the most significant outcomes of the internet technology. Online shopping and delivery enhances customers convenience, which is widely encouraged in the modern business model
diversification 0.075 2 0.15 Publix can expand further into other products, especially non-perishable ones that effectively complement its main products. For example, the company may opt to establish health food restaurant around some of its m…

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