Public Health Practices and Bio-Terrorism

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Public Health Practices and Bio-Terrorism

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Quarantine and Isolation
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Part 1
Quarantine and isolation are essential measures when it comes to dealing with bioterrorism. Quarantine is a valuable measure of dealing with bioterrorism since it helps in reducing the spread of communicable diseases used for bioterrorism (Tognotti, 2013). Anthrax, botulism, and smallpox are communicable diseases that could be used as biological weapons (Das, & Kataria, 2010). Therefore, quarantine could be used in populations exposed to a biological weapon to see whether they get sick. Isolation is of value since it prevents the spread of diseases by keeping individuals with a contagious disease from the healthy ones. Another value of quarantine and isolation is protecting human and national security since it prevents the spread of diseases resulting from biological terrorism.
For instance, in the ancient days, to deal with plague quarantine was used. The first instance of quarantine to deal plague was in Dubrovnik (Croatia) in the year 1377. This led to the emergence of lazarettos (plague hospitals) that were isolated from places of habitation (Tognotti, 2013). Therefore, from this example, it is evident that quarantine and isolation are valuable measures for dealing with bioterrorism.
Part 2
Several factors need to be looked into when applying quarantine and isolation in disease control. One of the factors to consider is the severity of the harm to be prevented (Giubilini, Douglas, Maslen, & Savu…

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