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Public Administration Analysis Essay

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Using Social Media for Recruiting Purposes and Hiring
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After leveling the playing ground in communication and marketing, you can advance your business and demonstrate the expertise you possess globally through social media at a very little cost. Use of social media in business is growing at an accelerating speed every day. According to Smith Many people have joined and more are still joining social media platform and using them effectively and efficiently, it growing faster and there are no signs of stopping (Smith, 2017). He further argues that with this rapid growth it is the high time for business managers to leverage Social media platforms to the best of their capacity.
One of the areas where social media would be of help is the HR department. HR managers should embrace social media as an important tool to attract, recruit, and retain the right workforce. The reason for this argument is that Potential candidates are most active on social media and if you don’t fail to make an impact on your social media profiles as an employer, they will move on to the next potential opportunity (Watson, 2018). Some of the benefits associated with using social media to include; accessing those candidates who are passive- these are people who are not seeking new roles but might be available in case of change when it deems necessary. Watson also cites that, Using social media can enable the HR manager to…

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