Psychology Case study

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Psychology Case study

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Referral Letter to Psychiatrist
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The responsibility of each Professional
In case there are legal matters that need handling, it is essential to ensure each professional knows and upholds their role in the treatment of a client. Issues that relate to the diagnosis of a mental disorder have to do with the psychiatrist. He/she has to ensure they have the correct diagnosis. They also answer claims relating to the prescription of drugs to treat the medical condition in question. The counselor, on the other hand, would answer towards the management guidelines he/she offers to the patient. He/she will have to answer if he/she in any way mislead the patient.
Issues that May Arise
One of the issues that might require legal and ethical consideration is the confidentiality of the information. For example, it is up to the patient to discuss if he or she will share specific details with the patients involved. If the counselor shares information with the psychiatrist without permission, he or she will have violated their confidentiality agreement. The client should also not be forced to see a psychiatrist. The counselor should consult with them before they set up a meeting. The transfer of information between the two parties should feature integrity. There should be no leakage of information as the counselor sends it to the psychiatrist and vice versa. The two parties should also overcome institutional barriers. They should ensure that the institutio…

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