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Psychology Annotated bibliography

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Second Language Acquisition
In this paper, I will examine some of the challenges present in second language acquisition through a human developmental approach. I argue that when developing teaching materials, teachers should draw on cultural and linguistic anthropologies in order to more appropriately and effectively foster second language acquisition and to help students overcome and recognize some of the challenges they face; particularly to dispel cultural biases and ethnocentrism. The paper has looked at the importance of second language learning, the challenges faced by learners and the teachers, and the contribution of anthropology to the procedure of second linguistic acquisition. Also, I would like to depict the approaches that teachers who teach the second language should consider adopting in order to make it easy for learners to understand the second language; this includes teaching the culture of the target language before teaching the language itself. Language is used to maintain the cultural values and beliefs. Though there is a Google translator, the benefits of learning a second language are numerous and therefore people should acquire the second language. The paper shows how language is applied in different cultures and countries. The culture is most discussed in this paper as it is studied in both psychology, anthropology and in second language acquisition. Therefore, the relationship between second language acquisition and human develop…

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