Psychological Perspectives

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Psychological Perspectives

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Psychology Perspectives
In 1879 the first psychology lab was opened by Wilhelm Wundt, and since then psychologists have studied various perspectives of human habits. The main perspectives of psychology are behavioral, biological, psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive. Of the five I agree most with biological and behavioral perspective and least agree with psychodynamic and humanistic perspectives.
In biological approach, emphasize is put in the nervous system, genes composition and how they affect behavior. Biological approach says that you are the totality of your parts and that the way the brain is built determines how a person thinks. This approach tries to understand the correlation between the brain, mind, and body (Jung 267). This agrees with my belief that the way a man or woman thinks it determines a lot on whom they will be. This means that human behavior is a reflection of his thought process. This approach is scientific, and its experiments are objective and measurable. Behavioral approach believes that behavior is learned from the environment and that a person can be trained to act a certain way (Jung 241). It is in tandem with my belief that environment substantially affects human behavior. For example, in a society where drivers do not adhere to street lights rules, if same drivers are taken in a society where observance is adhered to, they will be compelled to do so thus the effect of the external environment on human b…

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