Psychological Experiments

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Psychological Experiments

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Psychology Experiments
Black Doll v White Doll
The African-American children in the short video clip show the sense of innocence of one as he or she is growing up without showing any signs of racism or discrimination or better still giving much sense regarding such matters. As statics show from the previous research of the Clarks, the more significant part of the children chose the white doll for its better features. However, the years passed and the experiment repeated shows that children have become self-conscious and aware of their color. Most children identified themselves with the darker doll, shows that they do not fear to identify themselves as being darker. They would practically play with all the babies since they were similar except for the color, which to some of the children was not a distinguishing factor (Johnson, 2013). This fact of not identifying the doll in terms of color is what brought sense. What I did not like is why the research was done using an odd number.
Prejudice – what would you do? Racism and discrimination
In the clips, most of the passengers failed to stand up to the views of the driver and would instead choose to support the idea the drivers had. Attributing to the fact that, racism and discrimination loom in the minds of most of the citizens in the country. Prejudice and stereotyping are vices that stand significantly from the conversations that most of the passengers gave. The Asians, Lati…

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