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An Experiment to Explore the Action of Organic Acids on Protein Rich Food Items
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15th October 2018
An Experiment to Explore the Action of Organic Acids on Protein Rich Food Items
This article reflects the interaction of different organic acids (citric acid and acetic acid) on protein-based food items. The action of the referred organic acids on protein-based food items was explored through a laboratory experiment.
Proteins are biomolecules that are composed of amino acids and are considered as an essential macronutrient. Apart from meeting the daily calorie requirements, proteins play a significant role in maintaining the structural integrity of cells and tissues of our body (Plewczyński & Ginalski, 2009). The reaction between organic acids and proteins is used to prepare various food items. Moreover, such reactions are routinely utilized in the cosmetic industry.
Experiment 1
The first experiment separately explored the effect of citric acid and vinegar on milk. Ten milliliters (10 ml) of fresh lemon juice and vinegar were added separately to two containers that contained 250 ml of milk in each. The reaction was allowed to take place for 10 minutes. Next, the two containers were inverted over another two containers that were empty and covered with filter papers.
The filter papers in both the containers were filled with coagulated milk. However, the amount of curdling (collected o…

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