Protective Factors for Dementia

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Protective Factors for Dementia

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Response Paper on the Protective Factors of Dementia
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Response Paper on the Protective Factors of Dementia
The study carried out in the paper is relevant because memory loss affects many people in society, especially the aging people. It provides clues on why old people tend to forget their earlier memories due to damage to the hippocampus. The study found out that old people could effectively remember memories of up to fifteen years and had problems with the recollection of information thirty years old. This information is critical in the sense that it informs the public about the adverse effects that the memory complications have on the aging population. A study by Wyss-Coray (2016) agrees with this assertion. Further, the paper elucidates the function of brain plasticity in restoring memory and links it to the facilitation of neurorehabilitation. Turolla et al. (2018) seem to concur with the study on the role of plasticity especially on the restoration of the brain after injury.
The paper further delves into the factors that may prolong brain function and protect it from aging. It is without a doubt that a person will find this section quite interesting as the brain and memory are of immense interest owing to the brains complexity. The paper outlined that physical and mental exercise, avoidance of alcoholic beverages along with refrain from head injury aid in curbing brain memory. Reasonably, one may not find this informati…

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