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Propaganda Examples

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Propaganda Examples
Propaganda is information that is usually false, exaggerated or biased which is spread to publicize or promote a particular point of view or help a cause. It is used in a wide range of circumstances and is mainly disseminated through films, posters, art, and internet posts among others. Examples of propaganda in daily life include advertisements Political signs and commercials during political campaigns and government propaganda with various announcements (Synonym, 2018). This paper discusses different examples and techniques of spreading propaganda

There are several techniques for spreading propaganda. They include everyday folks, bandwagon, glittering generalities, and name-calling among others. Ordinary people work by the speaker gaining the trust of the audience by convincing them that he or she is like them and shares their woes (Synonym, 2018). Bandwagon technique is where the speaker creates an illusion of widespread support so that the crowd is driven to be members of the winning team. Glittering generalities is the use of slogans and simple catchphrases in making generalized statements attractive to the audience.

Propaganda plays a significant role in politics. During political campaigns such as the US presidential elections, Donald Trump used everyday folks in making his supporters believe he’s just like them. He also included slogans in his campaigns all of which were propaganda. Simil…

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