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Promotional Flyer

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Promotional Flyer
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The promotional flyer below belongs to the technology company, Apple Inc. from the flyer the product is a smartphone gadget. The description in the flyer explains the phone brand, which is an iPhone model 5s. The phone can be purchased directly from the company or from their retailers. The purchasing may be made from online stores among other retailers. The next P describes the prices of the product. Here we have the prices ranging from 359 pounds to 595 pounds. Essentially, the price description is for the different versions of the product that depends on the storage as depicted in the flyer; 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The market is obviously British because of the currency used. The promotion used by the company to market its product is the description and quality. It is possible to see the way the phone is described in terms of specifications on the flyer.

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The promotional flyer below is from the multinational beverage making company, Coca-Cola. The product in the discussion is a soft drink, soda. The soda is sold from all the distributors of the company. It is easy to get the product from virtually any point in the world since there are shops everywhere. The flyer has a promotional tactic of getting a bonus upon buying a 1-liter bottle. For example, we have 20 free tokens given for buying the drink. The price is also given as $2.29 USD for a bottle of the soda. All the 4Ps…

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