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Project Plan

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Project Plan
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Executive Summary
The new e-commerce start-up company, soon launching into the market, plans to enter a two-story building as it commences operations and provision of online services. The new business plans on using an e-commerce system that will entirely depend on the online platform in the provision of its services to its customers. Unlike the past, e-commerce systems offer a new, modern way to handle business transactions, whereby, the vendor and the buyer do not have to meet (Cattell, 2011). A number of aspects are crucial to the success of the new start-up that will depend entirely on an e-commerce computerized system. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, safety of the business transactions, privacy of the business transactions, as well as the reliability of the system. The system will be composed of an online application and a database. The application will handle the processing of the business transactions. It will also provide the platform through which the buyers and the business employees will interact. The database, on the other hand, will provide storage of the buyer and employee profiles, information regarding the goods and services, as well as the business transactions.
The business understands that there are challenges involved in developing a system that will provide the online services. Purchasing a system developed elsewhere will not only provide add…

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