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Project Management Revised

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Challenges Facing Project Management in the Global Setting
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The work herein delves into what constitutes project management and analyses it the context of the global set up. Factors that lead to failure of projects include the scope of the project and the time it will take as well as cost implications. It is acknowledgeable that different cultures offer different aspects to the modes of working and is a source of potential project failure. The multicultural setup also brings challenges on training, and different countries have varied requirements for operation. The cultural differences have necessitated offering of beforehand training and influenced the project managers’ leadership strategies. The quality management tools are of help in setting up and running of multinational companies. Finally, the impact of Information Technology Vis a Vis project management reveals a symbiosis that is overgrowing. Barriers towards the two include copyright laws and lack of a level field when it comes to the development of Information Technology.
Key Words: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality plan, Culture
Project execution quality and control
Quality control is a process carried out during project execution that is responsible for ensuring that the standard of products and services is in conformity with the initial criteria set to meet the customers’ expectations or is fit for use. The quality control process includes three section…

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