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Professional Football

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Admission essay
Professional Football
Human beings are special creatures born with emotions, talents, and other unique characteristics. A talent can be described as an inborn aptitude whereby the bearer does not strain to be good at the specific talent. There are various types of talents and abilities that humans can be born with they include athletics, artistic talents, and a high intelligence quotient. Professional football has been my interest for a long time, and it is a passion and interest that I am willing and ready to pursue in future. The paper shall discuss the aspects associated with professional football.
Professional football is one of the most demanding types of sports. The sport is usually played by two different competing teams that are made up of eleven players per team (“American Football”). From a tender age, I have been an active football player; the interest started even before the potential to play was noticed by people within my environment. Being a child, I enjoyed watching football matches, and with time I learned the rules and loved the game. When I became of age, I enrolled at the school amateur football team where I was elected a captain after some time. The sport has made me win several awards and recognitions both at an individual level and as a team. Come this fall when I joined college I seek to pursue the sport and join the college team. With aspirations of playing for good teams that participate and perform well…

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