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Procedural Writing

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Recruitment Procedure
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Recruitment Procedure
For many people securing a good job is a fundamental goal in life. Therefore, after schooling, many usually prepare their resume in readiness for job application and interviews. Therefore, it is important to understand the process of recruitment from an organization’s perspective. When people understand the recruitment procedure, they will certainly position themselves better for selection and appointment. For this process, the core skills required include interviewing and analytical skills.
The first step in the recruitment process is to identify the need for a job position and draft the job description and specification (Yakubovich, & Lup, 2006). This step helps an organization in drafting the key responsibilities of the position based on their needs. The second step is advertising the position using a media that will reach the targeted audience. The job advert may be on social media, company’s website, newspaper, or even poster. The aim is to get the right people to apply for the job. The third step is a selection of suitable candidates from the applications. After placing the advert, many people apply for the job by sending their resumes. However, the organization will only select a few from the list. The fourth step is to invite the shortlisted candidates for an interview and select the based candidate based on the performance of each. Since all the short-listed candidates…

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