Problem Solving and Judgment choice

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Problem Solving and Judgment choice

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Problem Solving and Judgement Choice
Problem Solving and Judgement Choice
Usually, people are able either to make a good judgment or poor judgment. It would be imperative to understand both extremes as one is bound to make decisions on a daily basis. Whether one’s life will be successful is solely dependent on the decisions one makes on a daily basis. It is true that one’s judgment determines one’s actions (Heath and Heath, 2013). These actions directly relate to one’s habits. Finally, one’s habit determines one’s destiny. The chronology shown serve to illustrate how important judgment is in one’s life. Good judgment is the ability to weigh the available options with high precision.

The first step towards making a good judgment is gathering information about a given subject. One ought to have as much information as possible about something to be in a position to make the right judgment about it. The comprehensive information puts one in a position to accurately analyses the pros and cons of the available options (Hammond, Keeney & Raiffa, 2015). Good judgments encompass thinking about both the good side and bad side of the bad side of the subject (Gigerenzer, 2015). It is after considering all the available options that one can make a right decision. Usually, one who has done a thorough analysis about a given subject is confident of the decision that one makes, therefore, no need to set up a backup as good thinking entails exploring all the …

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