Prior-European contact lifestyle/history/culture

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Prior-European contact lifestyle/history/culture

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Prior-European Contact Lifestyle/History/Culture
The native people from North America having contact with the Europeans was a good experience and helped in developing their culture. Spanish attempted to explore and penetrate into the US and left three legacies for the tribes that were living there: disease, horses, and many other domestic animals. European contact did not influence just the local people groups; it brought equality in trade and affected the indigenous way of living. Numerous new harvest and nourishment plants, for example, maize, beans, potatoes, peanuts, pumpkins, and avocados, were first acquainted with Europe from the Western Hemisphere (Ranlet 310).Therefore, the information available on the Native American people groups and their conventions were displayed in light of this ulterior plan.
Following and recording Native convention from older folks cannot offer much knowledge either as roughly 90% of the indigenous people groups, entirety ages, were lost to European infections, slaughters, relocation and digestion to bringing about the loss of numerous ‘bearers of information and convention( Martin 1). Under such conditions, it is troublesome, if certainly feasible, for the points of interest of an old lifestyle to be protected in place and precisely by oral custom alone crosswise over several years of social and social change.
It is just through later archeological and ethnological examinations alongside the scholasti…

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