pressure of being a college student

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pressure of being a college student

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Pressure of Being a College Student
A pressure of Being a College Student
Stress is the main challenge we face as college students. This state of emotional or mental strain is derived from various conditions surrounding us. As college students, we experience emotional, tensional or strain when we go to school. However, many people superficially think going to college is all fun and never understand the stress we undergo. In fact, college students are faced with academic, financial and family issues which inhibit studies.
I acknowledge that getting ready for school is a big challenge to me especially attending the morning classes. This means I have to wake up early enough like three hours than others to reach school on time. Another proven challenge is checking Moodle room for any available assignment that need to be completed first before going to class. This is really stressful as sometimes I do forget to do those assignments finding myself in a situation where I need to complete an assignment within a very short period of time.
At times, one may be having a test the following class hour alongside assignments. Despite the existence of assignments, one must verify understanding of a given concept by passing the tests effectively. As seen above, getting to school on time can be stressful, remembering to do homework might be challenging and lastly passing tests add enough stress to any college student. To compensate the lost time while traveling from an…

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