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Despite the fact the phone market is saturated with a number of phone manufacturing companies, the qualities of Apple devices are indisputably the best and the various phones (iPhones). This is evidenced by the warm reception Apple receives from various products and services it launches year after year. The iPhone XR is the latest iPhone model that has been launched. The phone is described as the “beast” in respect to the features that it has. Features associated with iPhone XR that makes it stand out include; the liquid retina HD display screen of 6.1’’, 12mp camera, and enhanced facial recognition et cetera. The 6.1’’ screen allows the users of this gadget to have a wide view when using the device. The facial recognition feature on this phone has been enhanced by the quality of the camera. Pre-ordering of the iPhone XR will start on 19th October and will be available at Apple stores on 26th October.
Keywords: iPhone XR, Camera, facial recognition.
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Unleashing the “Beast” iPhone XR
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The phone market is saturated with a number of phone manufacturing companies. However, when it comes to quality definitely Apple stands-out indisputably. On that account, Apple over the years has been investing in research and development to come up with new devices that will meet the ever increasing demand of the market. The iPhone XR is a “beas…

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