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Practicum Reflection

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Practicum reflection memo
TO: Program director
FROM: Student from Suffolk University
DATE: October 15, 2018
SUBJECT: Practicum reflection
Business description
Company Name: Nano-Ice
Company Industry: Apparel Industry
Products It Provides:  Cooling Necklace
Geographic Area That It Services: USA
Customer Base Served: Consumers
Industry demographic: Fashionable Necklace with a cooling effect, targeting all genders and age customers.
Market demographic: Apparel market in the USA was estimated to be around three hundred thousand dollars in 2017. The industry is expected to continue growing and expand globally, with cooling necklace being the dominant force in the apparel industry
Internship description and analysis.
Department In Which You Worked: Finance/Accounting
Name and Title of Supervisor: Sam White
Duties and Responsibilities: Generate reports, monitor the company’s performance and make a plan for future expansion.
Coursework at Suffolk University that informed or facilitated each duty/responsibility.
In the course of working at Nano-Ice I was able to learn a lot about real life experiences in accounting. Cost accounting was the most relevant concept in my internship. I had a chance to work on the cost of producing cooling necklace. Cost accounting knowledge proved to be vital in determining various types of cost the company was incurring in the course of producing their product.
I learned the importance of having th…

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