Poverty in Young and Middle Adulthood

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Poverty in Young and Middle Adulthood

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Poverty in the young and middle adulthood is a cycle that is passed from one generation to another. Poverty is attributed to various difficulties. They include lack of quality education, lack of proper healthcare, child labor, and lack of quality hygiene (Lewis, 2011). The main reason for the lack of quality education is unemployment and low earnings in these families.
Several experiences are related to poverty in these two groups of people in the community. One of them is drug and substance abuse. Young people abuse drugs are to cope up with the hard life that is caused by unemployment and desperation (Roux, 2011). Another experience is accidents that are caused by poor working conditions in both the agricultural sectors and industrial sectors. Young people do not afford quality and adequate protective gears, and they are thus exposed to harmful exposures that can lead to poisoning and.
From my opinion poverty comes from individual characteristics. Many needy individuals are lazy, and thus hard work is key in alleviating poverty among many young people and middle adults (Lewis, 2011). They need to be very committed to acquiring the necessary skills that are required for one to obtain basic needs like quality housing, healthy foods, and proper medical care.

There are three main aspects of this theory in which are seen to be the main causes of poverty. Thes…

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