Poverty in Simcoe county, Ontario and Canada

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Poverty in Simcoe county, Ontario and Canada

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Poverty in Simcoe County
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Poverty in Simcoe County
Statistics shows that the county of Simcoe in southern Ontario is among the counties that has the highest inflow of immigrants in Canada. Newcomers are establishing themselves in the country despite the minimal resources to account for the massive inflow of immigrants. The level of poverty has therefore increased the province of Ontario came up with a project to reduce poverty in Simcoe County. So many families live below the global poverty line leaving very many unemployed and homeless. However, those who are employed earn peanut pay that are barely enough to cater and provide for their families.
Ontario has therefore decided to alleviate poverty among the less fortunate individual in the county of Ontario. They have therefore invested in services and programs in the quest of assisting the immigrants secure jobs and get employed. The province of Ontario has used the local poverty reduction fund to support the county projects. To counter the new population, 230000 dollars have been invested in training the Ontario employment staff. The government of Ontario through their economic plan passed the act of alleviating poverty.
The employment staff is trained to develop the knowledge of the immigrants on employment and the requirements of the labor market. Considering the competitive nature of the labor job market, immigrants and other unfortunate groups should be advised on how to …

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