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Pastiche exists in different mediums, for example, art, Popular films, literature, fashion among others. It is of great importance as it is used for mocking, commenting on or celebrating the work which it imitates. It, therefore, sends a message concerning the themes exhibited by that work. Some people think that pastiche is just recycling of art or other ideas that had already been considered of and therefore does not encourage people to be creative. However, from my thinking, pastiche has a clear-cut purpose. It combines the old and new ideas thus enabling us to develop, comment on, or even question the cultural meaning of themes. It is through pastiche that some past ideas can be revived, for example, some of the current clothing designs get inspiration from the past. Simulacra is also present in many aspects of modern life and has caused the development of ideas that have do not reflect reality. As a result, people end up believing the simulacra that surround them is real. Simulacra help to provide a means of discussing the effects of media more so the electronic media.
Baudrillard claims that the culture in the modern world is saturated with things that are fake copies (Owlcation n.p). The claim is valid because today’s society is very reliant on maps and models to the point of losing contact with the real world. The post-modern simulacra exist in the media, literature, art and consumerist goods (Goulding 835). The mea…

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