Post on International Strategies

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Post on International Strategies

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Post on International Strategies
Instructional Strategies

The paper defines the term ‘poor’ based on the African and American context. Poverty exists in both continents. However, it focuses on the significant variance that exists regarding opportunities and resources. For the American poverty situation, the government has taken the responsibility of addressing the issue. However, governance and leadership is still a challenge among most of the African nations. The two continents have a significant gap in defining poverty or comparing them since America considers it an issue that affects other people. Based on opportunities, America is shown to have more opportunities to address poverty levels. Moreover, the sources of income also have a higher rate in the US. On the contrary, Africa faces poverty crisis that has minimal attention, especially from the government. Therefore, humanitarian agencies have often focused on the African poverty levels which are mostly conducted by the churches with a budget of around $ 5 billion.Keywords: Poverty, Poor, Opportunities, Income

Post on International Strategies
Poor is a term that regularly used when describing a state of having inadequate needs to sustain a comfortable life based on normal society. While various agencies are trying to address issues of the poor communities, it is important to differentiate the context based on the perception of poverty across different countries. For instance, both developed a…

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