Post-modernism and Psychoanalysis

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Post-modernism and Psychoanalysis

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Postmodernism and psychoanalysis
Margaret Earley is one of the greatest novel writers who understand the contemporary issues in the field of literature. She is a professor of English and literature and has received various awards from this profession. In her novel, entitled Flannery O’Connor, she was able to depict various religious themes that were not revealed by other American writers. She pinpointed various difference between existing Christian denominations based on the etiquette portrait by some individuals like Mrs. Hopewell and Hulga. This literature reveals the diverse morals of human beings depending on the prevailing environmental conditions. Basing on this article, the psychoanalysts should be in a position to adhere to the rules and guidelines that regulate the process of psychoanalysis in order to keep the spirit of postmodernity (O’Brien, 159).
O’Brien is another writer who has been able to win several awards in this field of literature. His work majorly focuses on the military operations because he was once a soldier. On his book called “Going After Cacciato,” he highlighted different pieces of evidence that support the main theme “postmodernism and psychoanalysis”. The author describes ways in which the concept of postmodernism has become a dramatic component to literature students. The experiences and challenges underwent by the writer during his military operations also stipulate how psy…

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