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Journal article analysis
Writer Lisa Frank, in her article, The Evolution of the Seven Deadly Sins: From God to the Simpsons, talks about how humans, be it inadvertently or deliberately, commit sins in every walk of life. Moreover, unlike the astute Christian people of the earlier times, who feared God more than anything, today’s generation has not only accepted their flaws, but also embrace them, and often use them to their advantage. In fact, the expression of such ‘evils’ or ‘sins’ in our daily lives is often considered healthy and mentally liberating. Lisa supports her argument by referring to one of the most popular shows in the history of television: The Simpsons.
Being a sarcastic, but the realistic interpretation of the rampant hypocrisy in society, and thus providing excellent social commentary, The Simpsons have had their characters deal with one or the deadly sins at some point or the other. Frank also provides specific examples for each of the deadly sins: when Bart and Lisa are on opposite teams in a hockey tournament, Homer spiritedly tells Marge that the winner would be showered with praise, while the loser will be boo-ed by him until he pleased (pride); when a new girl in school begins to outshine Lisa in academics, she resorts to less than moral tactics to put her rival down (envy); when the Simpsons’ neighbour checks into a mental institution, he is told that his condition has worsened becau…

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