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Effects of Teratogens during Prenatal Development Case Analysis
While the ruling as contained in the case study can be justified based on several grounds, it does present some cons as well. The ruling is geared towards the protection of the child against the adverse effects of passive smoking. Children are most vulnerable to the impact of teratogens hence the decree was justified based on the child’s health. The judgment, however, also puts in question the mother’s right of smoking given that it restricts her from smoking even in the absence of the child.
The ruling restricting mothers from smoking serves as a sure way of protecting children from the passive or residual smoke. Another advantage is that it nurtures up the children and accustoms them to a smoke-free environment, such that they are less likely to indulge in the habit in future. Hence in effect, the decree indirectly establishes a non-smoking culture amongst the upcoming generation, by keeping them from emulating their smoker mothers. The exposure to teratogens as seen in the case of smoking mothers jeopardizes the healthy growth of the organs of a developing child. A fetus of 10-14 days after conception can easily die as shown by research (Burke 46). The legal system such as courts can, therefore, be used effectively coupled with health researches and warning labels to protect both born and unborn children against the effects of teratogens. Passive smoking in homes of …

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