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Pop Warner Little Scholars

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Youth sports organizations are fundamental to building the young people in society. These programs help in developing self-worth in the youth, creating platforms through which the young people can practice their leadership skills, and also in giving back to the community at large as a form of corporate social responsibility (McPherson & Curtis, 1989). The purpose of this research is to critique the Pop Warner Little Scholars on how the program helps develop self-worth and leadership among the participant as well as how the program gives back to the society. The involvement of young people in programs such as sports organization helps in the positive development of their lives through improving self-esteem, reducing anxiety, and creating initiative (Schinke & Hanrahan, 2012). The significance of this research is to help in the planning for and implementing ways via which the Pop Warner Little Scholars can help develop leadership skills and motivate self-worth to the participants, as well as give back to the society in an effective manner.
Literature Review
Physical sports activities serve as an avenue to develop self-worth in young adults as well as increase the life satisfaction of the adolescents that choose to be part and parcel of said activities. Through games and sports, young children and adolescents can learn sensitivity towards the values of others around them, how to handle exclusion and …

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