Poor Oral Health May Cause Cardiovascular Diseases

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Poor Oral Health May Cause Cardiovascular Diseases

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Poor Oral Health May Cause Cardiovascular Disease
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TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction: General Overview PAGEREF _Toc437246853 h 3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc437246854 h 4Discussion PAGEREF _Toc437246855 h 9Risk factors PAGEREF _Toc437246856 h 10Obstacles to quality oral healthcare PAGEREF _Toc437246857 h 12Prevention and Control PAGEREF _Toc437246858 h 12Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc437246859 h 14Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc437246860 h 15References PAGEREF _Toc437246861 h 16

Introduction: General OverviewAccording to Dolce, Haber & Shelley (2012) oral terminology refers to mouth; gums, teeth and mouth supporting tissues. Oral health refers to the care given to the mouth to improve its appearance, prevent diseases, infections, and bad smell. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2007) asserts that oral health is fundamental to the well-being and general health of the general population. Poor oral health status is highly linked with other systematic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Oral health risk factors are shared as can also cause other systemic diseases; for instance, tobacco. Poor oral health is also known to affect nutrition and diet update as well as social activities like work and school.
Dolce, Haber & Shelley (2012) the poor oral health status in America is termed as a “silent epidemic”. Oral health has a high correlation with the overal…

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