Syrian Immigrant Identity and Status in Germany

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Syrian Immigrant Identity and Status in Germany

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Asylum Seekers
An asylum seeker is an individual who spontaneously flees his or her own home country and applies for the right to international protection in another country. They could either be refugees, displaced persons or migrants (Baker et al., np). The terms of an asylum seeker and a refugee are however distinct. A big debate arises when it gets to the point of determination on whether these persons should receive special treatment or not; they certainly should get special treatment. Current literature shows that most of the asylum seekers are generally male, 2015 registered 73% males from 67% in 2013. Those under 35 years rose to 83% in 2015 from 80% in 2013, and the remaining consisted of women and children (Robinson et al., np). More often than not a majority of these groups is Islam from war-torn countries like Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The intensification and persistence of crises in various parts of the world since the world war is the leading cause for the growth of this group. The research question seeks to explain why asylum seekers need special attention as well as define the laws and policies that protect them and as for how to make them feel at home.
The project’s primary target is policymakers; many EU member states attempt to drive them away as opposed to integrating and welcoming them. This is through restrictive migration policies that are designed to hinder them from entering the country (Robinson et al., np…

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