Residential Schools

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Residential Schools

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Residential Schools
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The world has seen different institutional systems that are meant to offer educational services. Each system is designed to serve a specific function and to offer education that is beneficial to the community. Canada experienced the residential schools as instituted by the European settlers (Wilk, Maltby & Cooke, 2017). The Canadian society was made up of the Aboriginal people, and the settlers felt that the culture was retrogressive. The residential schools had economic and social effects on the Canadian society.
The European settlers felt that the Aboriginal people were lagging in terms of development and educational enlightenment. The settlers introduced the residential schools so as to isolate the children from the communities (Travers, 2017). They felt that the isolation would offer a chance to educate the children and to eliminate the social concepts that were seen as retrogressive. The schools were influenced by social forces as the settlers tried to change the cultural values among the Aboriginal people (Park, 2016). The settlers attempted to assimilate the children into a culture they felt was dominant.
The residential schools were also meant to propagate economic concepts. The children were not allowed to acknowledge the local culture or speak their language. The education would help the children interact with other societies. This would later help shape the society in terms of issues such as economic em…

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