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Policy cause

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Policy Cause
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The health care system has been changing in the recent days. Cost and quality are key drivers of the transformation. The costs of healthcare have been rising while the quality and health outcomes continue to decline. The United States citizens are not willing or cannot afford such costs. The change in demographics also calls for change in the healthcare system to handle to various diseases that come due to age-related complications. Further, evidence suggests that racial and ethnic minorities, as well as the poor experience, increased barriers to accessing care and also receive substandard care. These changing demographics indicate there is a need to change the healthcare system (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017).
Voluntary change is not capable of bringing about the desired change since widespread change cannot occur. This situation calls for a chief system refurbishment to accomplish real improvement. Health reforms such as the introduction of the Affordable Care Act aimed at improving quality and controlling costs. The new models are changing from being a disease model that seeks to treat episodic diseases to a model that tries to prevent illness and diseases advancement (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017).
Nurses’ role in the transformed healthcare system is expected to change. Based on the IOM report of 2010, the health reforms are expected to change the system so as it can deliver s…

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