Poaching Of Wildlife

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Poaching Of Wildlife

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Poaching of Wildlife
Poaching of wildlife is the illegal killing of wild animals and plants. It has been on the rising end due to the high demand for the wildlife products. In this regard, the most significant impact of poaching seems to be the extinction of the targeted animal species hence calling for the need to combat this poaching menace.
Moreover, the effects of wildlife poaching include the loss of biodiversity, severe threats to public health due to the consumption of game meat, and threats to human and national security. It has been found to cause pandemics and diseases such as Ebola. Therefore, poaching of wildlife should be eliminated through the efforts of leaders of countries around the world through universal laws and policies as it has a lot of adverse effects on the economy through the tourism sector.
According to Felbab, extinction has been the significant threat of poaching. For instance, 217 Asian elephants were poached in India between 2009 and 2014 making it difficult to locate them in forests (Felbab 12). It is due to the high demand of the animal’s parts such as the Elephants tusks and the tiger’s claws and hides. However, the poachers do not tend to come into terms with the negative impacts their activities have to nature. Moreover, the elephants are critical members of the wildlife family and highly poached especially in Africa (Felbab 281). They are among the big seven whose roles are tou…

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