Plastic molding ” plastic chair “

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Plastic molding ” plastic chair “

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Plastic Chair Manufacturing via Injection Molding
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Plastic Chair Manufacturing via Injection Molding
The concept of chair making dates back to Egyptian era where chairs have been symbolized as a mean of power, status, and control. Moreover, the concept of throne has also originated from the very same aspect. In the modernized world, chairs have become commodities and become an essential part of almost every household. For coping up with this demand, chairs have become quite common in different varieties of materials. Among them, plastic chairs become most popular because of their low cost, lighter weight, recyclability options, and ease of transportation. With the advancement in plastic technology, plastic chairs have also evolved into more durable and resilient products having different chemical ingredients as part of manufacturing process. Injection molding is usually employed for making plastic chairs on large scale; however, there are a number of technical factors that should be considered beforehand. This paper will address the evolution of plastic chair making process along with detailed discussion about injection molding process.
Use of Raw Materials
Every aspect of manufacturing has input raw materials which are processed to form desired product. In the early production of chairs, wood and metallic alloys were quite common. However, plastic molding requires specific raw materials for catering th…

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