Plant Growth and Developemnt

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Plant Growth and Developemnt

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Plant Biology
1st November 2015
Plant Growth and Development
Experimental Design to Study the Effects of Different Concentrations of Auxin on Shoot Growth
Auxin is a plant hormone that helps in the growth of shoot meristem and prevents sprouting. It is liberated from the shoot apices and acts to increase the length of the plant and decreases the development of lateral branches or sprouts (Simon & Petrasek, 2011). The present article reflects the action of auxin applied in different concentrations to the plants. The experiment was also undertaken to understand whether auxin at different concentrations, significantly influences the growth of sprouts.
Auxins at different concentrations were applied to decapitated pea seedlings. 2 concentrations of auxin were applied to 2 groups consisting of decapitated pea seedlings while a third group was kept as control and did not receive any dose of auxin. The doses of auxin used were 500ppm and 5000ppm.
Hypothesis testing &Statistical Interpretation
The hypothesis that was tested through this experiment was:
Whether auxin prevents sprouting in decapitated seedlings, with any concentrations of auxin?
Whether different concentrations of auxin significantly alter the length of sprouts?
For hypothesis (I), our analysis was based on t…

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